It Takes 6 Seconds To Form An Opinon

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It takes 6 seconds to form an opinion - high quality, professional social media graphics that match and elevate your existing brand is crucial to have a strong impact.   We will create eye-catching designs for you and install them into your pages free of charge so you can stand out from the crowd! 

Whether it is your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, or your Youtube channel, each banner design will be supplied in both PNG and JPG format.  

a la carte

Facebook has 2.32 billion monthly active users.  There are very few apps that are as popular and used daily as the Facebook app. For many people, it's the next app to check after a weather app.  A business page can take full advantage of this great social media network in reaching more customers and building rapport and trust which can lead to more business.


Page Design & Setup

Get started with an Instagram account where you can easily get followers by posting the right picture and video at the right time to the right audience.  People have built online empires through Instagram alone by getting followers and monetizing the opportunity that comes with buying frenzy followers.  We will set up and design your new Instagram account.


Page Design & Setup

Tweets are small and effective.  They are popular for hashtags, reply, and followers.  Build your following fast with Twitter.  It is known to be the most powerful social media network in terms of its reach and generating leads.  We will setup your accoun, design the cover and updat all the information with optimized keywords for more exposure online.  Follow and get following


Page Design & Setup

LinkedIn is a professional network that is popular for generating sales leads and potential business alliances.  To be on this network means access to millions of professionals who could be reached and converted into paying clients.  We design professional looking LinkedIn pages that are optimized for generating leads & effective presentation.


Page Design & Setup

































Social Media Post System

We connect your social media channels together using applications that allow you to schedule your content for a month or year in advance

Are Your Graphics STANDING OUT From The Crowd?

Media Graphic Services

Graphics are the first thing people see when they visit your website and other social media.  Graphics are at the core of online marketing.  You only have a few seconds to make a good impression.

Helping You Build Your Tribe Through Social Media

Pep-up your feed and stand out from the crowd with custom designed branded tiles.

Set of 10 

Choose one of the following social media platforms and we will create a 10 images social media package.

Pinterest Graphics

Blog Graphics

Facebook Images

Instagram Graphics

*soured from sites providing royalty-free and public domain images

Social Media Image Package​s:


Website graphics are a great place to showcase your business or products.  The old 'five-second rule' doesn't only apply to food dropped on the ground, it now applies to how long you have to make an impression on a website visit.   Keep it current and make them want to stay. 

*any photo editing will be charged at an hourly rate of $120.

Website Banner Graphics:


One-off investment -

give your Instagram feed a complete overhaul!

To start we will create a Brand Board, this will provide the overall look (colours & fonts), feel and vibe of your business.  Once approved, we will create a customized grid design compiled of:

  • 10 branded tiles as required (eg Special Offer/Sale/It's Our Anniversary etc.)

  • A large collection of Quality Stock Images* which match your branding

  • 10 on-brand Quote Tiles to intersperse within your feed

  • Story Highlight Covers

  • A watermark version of your logo to add to your own images.

*sourced from sites providing royalty-free and public domain images

Instagram Grid Plan & Design


A media kit (sometimes referred to as a press kit) for bloggers and influencers is a strategic way to showcase yourself to brands that you want to collaborate with.

Not only does it make you look professional, but it also shows a potential advertiser why they should work with you.

In brief, a media kit is an import part of building your personal brand.

Each media kit consists of 2-3 pages and includes photo editing to 3 images.


Media Kit



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