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What Is An Identity Designer?

An identity designer sets the tone and direction for the visual elements that illustrate and make up your Brand - your logo, colour palette, font, stationery, website, and any future print collateral. Your Brand identity will be unique to your Company.

Maybe you're a small business starting from scratch. Or maybe you've been growing for a little while, and you're wondering whether you should update your existing brand identity. Is it worth investing in better design?

Should You Hire An Identity Designer For Your Small Business?

If you are in an industry where aesthetics are important for visibility and revenue (think food and beverage, hospitality, financial services, real estate, home services, fashion, beauty, and health, and wellness, etc.), you can benefit from hiring an Identity Designer.

For businesses that get all of their customers from neighbourhood referrals - and they're satisfied with that - it's probably not worth it. Think of plumbers or mechanics. As long as their service is excellent, nobody minds if their visuals are less than stellar.​

Logo & Brand Identity Design by Become

Great Design can help you:

BE MEMORABLE - strong brand identity design sticks in customers' minds. After seeing it a couple of times, it becomes instantly recognizable as yours, and familiarity is comforting.​

Logo & Brand Identity for Suckers Candy Co., Toronto by Become

LOOK ESTABLISHED - even if you're new, there's no need to look like you just launched yesterday with a clip art logo hastily printed on perforated cards from your office inkjet.

Logo & Brand Identity Design - Business Card & Letterhead Package by Become

CREATE DESIRE - customers are drawn to attractiveness and a company who clearly gets them.

LOOK BIGGER - elegantly designed materials and lovely printing convey that you're prospering. Customers want to work with successful companies.

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