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Lets Talk About Us



Why an Avocado you ask?  Well, let us tell you - every day, Lee eats an Avocado, so much so that he is starting to look like one.
Lee is our go-to for everything tech, and is a big-time gamer - he is currently married to Twitch - hmmm looks like a pattern an addictive personality!

Darlene + Nigel

Darlene & Nigel met while they were young pups in school.  Nigel studied illustration, 3D animation & graphic design and Darlene studied business law,  marketing, and category management.  
Now they do a little of each together. When Nigel is not making art, he is making more art.  When Darlene is not wrapped up in business she is making Nigel make more art.  ;)

Iggi represents, promotes and sells our services in United States and Asia.  We love when Iggi calls, it is always a new and exciting design opportunity!




Jane as we fondly call her lives and breaths social media, spending her days blogging, researching and creating content for our clients.

When she is not plugged in, you can find her cleaning and organizing Darlene & Nigel as they tend to keep things and she tends to clean things keeping it zen!





Why We're Different...

We are different solely for the reason that the founding of "Become Visible" did not come from those with creative agency backgrounds.  Unbeknown to us, the label 'serial entrepreneurs' could have been seen from a very young age in both of us, Nige selling fresh crab on the beach at the tender age of 10 in Tobago - this goes to say you can never have too much $$$ for sweetee -  to opening our first hospitality business in our early 20's in downtown Toronto.


What Does That Mean? 


It means we are rooted in results and budgeting.  Whether or not a client chooses to go with us, we will sit with them and run the ROI and financial viability of their project.  What clients don't often understand is that their project can be achieved at many different levels (aka price points).  But at each level down there are trade-offs.  Our goal?  Help a client realize what is really important to them within the current budget and how to get there.  We are not in the business to sell the most expensive options, we are in it to grow with clients.  We believe in educating our potential clients and having them make informed decisions.

From retail and hospitality to new product development launches, we have worked with both clients in the startup phase, as well as, established brands looking for a little refresh.  We are passionate about partnering with good people and creating experiences that elevate and empower brands.

From our digitally connected offices in Barrie and Toronto, Canada we are happy to work globally - aren't we all not Global Citizens.


647 807 7039

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